Welcome to Editing by Sierra!

Welcome to Editing by Sierra!

Hello all! My name is Sierra McLean and I founded Editing by Sierra in 2022. But, I have been a freelance proofreader and developmental editor since 2018. Before that, I was studying journalism and English at the University of Kentucky. Now, I am an associate editor for a large online publication, along with being a freelance editor. I also recently worked with a New York Times and USA Today bestselling fantasy author.

I specialize in editing romance, fantasy, science fiction, and young adult novels. When I am proofreading, I am quick to catch all mistakes that are present. When I am developmental editing, I make sure to pay attention to the plot and characters, to make sure the story makes sense and the characters are staying true to themselves.

Despite specializing in a few genres, I do have a lot of other interests. I have experience, and enjoy, editing self-help books, cryptocurrency-related texts, and children’s books. I also have experience editing math workbooks for an elementary school.

I pride myself in making my clients happy with my work. I have loved meeting so many different people and learning not only about their stories, but about myself along the way, as well.

I created Editing by Sierra because I wanted to connect with clients outside of my Upwork page. Upwork is a great starting platform, but it limits the amount of clients I can connect with. By establishing Editing by Sierra, I plan to help writers bring their novels to life.

Editing is my passion and helping authors make their novels ready for publication brings me immense joy. If you want to learn more about me, please feel free to email me or reach out in the contact form below! I look forward to learning more about your story.

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